RAMM accounts
RAMM is designed for those who would like to receive all the necessary tools for trading and investing simultaneously in one service. As an investor, you invest your funds, keeping full control over them; as a trader you trade absolutely freely and receive investment from others if you so desire.
RAMM accounts offer many undeniable advantages for both investors and traders
Investor fund protection Investors indicate the level of capital protection at which trading positions will be exited instantly themselves.
Possibility to diversify The service allows you to invest in several trading strategies at the same time. The amount is limited only by the investor's financial capabilities.
Possibility of independent trading As a trader you can trade manually or with the use of advisers, and the built-in risk management system allows you to profit even from unprofitable tactics.
Low entry barriers Possibility to start with lowest possible requirements: to initiate a strategy, you need to deposit at least $50 to your account. You can start the investment process with $10.
The number of accounts is not limited The number of your accounts as a Trader and Investor in the RAMM service is not limited, which enables traders to test various trading systems, and allows investors to create real investment portfolios on their own.
The best trading terms in the market We provide the opportunity to work with all the trading terms types and trading instruments offered by the company, including trading with 1:1000 leverage and trading cryptocurrencies.
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How It Works
Open a RAMM account
Minimal Investments for an Investor
Minimal Investments for a Trader
Copy the traders' trading and their strategies
Create strategies and receive investments
Name Monthly Average Age, weeks Chart Equity
OptionBounds 17
no_no 30
Crab 8
1009842 32
1056140 32
Comparison of Investment Services parameters
100% Copying Precision
Instant Execution of Investors' Orders
Does not depend on the investment amount
Loss Limitation
Automated Risk Management
Exact execution of obligations between managers and investors
Individual settings for investment and asset management parameters
Possibility to diversify investments
Possibility to trade independently on the investment account